Sandbox Server

The Sandbox Server is available under For API requests use this as the base URI (rather than The Sandbox server is mainly provided for testing implementations against the API. We don't provide any support to problems using the website. If you run into specific problem with a single API request, please follow the instructions under the Help Section of the API's Main Page.

The Sandbox Server generally mirrors an almost actual version of the live environment, but it is no way connected to that. Everything you do there is for testing purposes only. All accounts an personal data is anonymized after an actual version from the live environment was deployed. You have the possibility to:

There are some differences to the live system:

Disclaimer: The Sandbox server and data are generally treated like live environment. However we may not apply the same backup, monitoring and high availability policies. That means we may occasionally need to take this environment down, wipe out a portion, or clear all stored data.


The sandbox server is intended as a demo site for the purposes of viewing and experimenting with various Cardmarket tools, i.e. the API and its versions before they hit the live servers. All edits or updates to this site are subject to purging at any time, scheduled refreshing of all content may take place and can be done without further notice.

We may deploy new software to the sandbox server at any time and without any further notice.