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Stock (File)

Allowed HTTP Methods

Resource Information


Response Object

Stock File Entity

    stock:          // The base64 encoded string
    mime:           // The MIME type of the file
    links:          // HATEOAS links

The response object and the relevant stock contains a string which is Base64 encoded. Decoding it returns a binary string that has to be written to an empty file. This file is gzipped and finally needs to be unpacked to retrieve the CSV file having the following columns:

Example Request

1. Downloading single cards in stock for Magic with Local Name column values set to English names (Default idGame=1, isSealed=false idLanguage=1)

GET https://api.cardmarket.com/ws/v2.0/stock/file

2. Downloading sealed products in stock for YGO with Local Name column values set to German names

GET https://api.cardmarket.com/ws/v2.0/stock/file?idGame=3&isSealed=true&idLanguage=3

3. Downloading non game related Accessories stock (isSealed must be true or code 429 is returned).

GET <https://api.cardmarket.com/ws/v2.0/stock/file?idGame=99&isSealed=true