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Cardmarket API Versions

We have the following API versions running at the live servers:


Stock File Requests (2.0) also to return sealed product

January 26th, 2018

The API-Request returning your stock as a file can now also return a file with all sealed product. Please refer to the respective documentation: Stock (File).

API available under Cardmarket.com

January 22nd, 2018

The API is now also available under the Cardmarket.com domain structure. Please make sure to change over your implementation from www.mkmapi.eu to the new api.cardmarket.com domain until August 1st, 2018. We will switch off the old domain on that day as well as the API version 1.0.

The sandbox server will return under cardmarket.com during February 2018.


To effectively help with any problems regarding API requests, we need the following information - as complete as possible and independent from any used programming language, libraries, frameworks, etc.:

We also don't need any implementation steps like base string composition or signature calculation steps, "naked" request information is everything we need.


Request method + request URI

GET https://api.cardmarket.com/ws/v2.0/output.json/account

Complete request headers

Host:                           api.cardmarket.com
Accept:                         */*
Authorization:                  OAuth realm="https%3A%2F%2Fapi.cardmarket.com%2Fws%2Fv2.0%2Foutput.json%2Faccount",         

Request body


HTTP status code

200 OK

Complete response headers

Set-Cookie:                     PHPSESSID=c3rmrqe616mm2q6617srhi8i81; path=/; secure; HttpOnly 
Access-Control-Allow-Methods:   GET, OPTIONS
Content-Type:                   application/json; charset=utf-8
Access-Control-Allow-Origin:    *
Access-Control-Allow-Headers:   Content-Type, Authorization, X-Requested-With 
Access-Control-Expose-Headers:  Content-Range, Range Access-Control-Max-Age1000 
X-Request-Limit-Count:          1 
X-Request-Limit-Max:            50000 
Date:                           Thu, 01 Feb 2018 07:05:05 GMT 
Expires:                        Thu, 01 Feb 2018 07:05:05 GMT 
Content-Length:                 1168

Response body, if applicable

    "account": {
        "idUser": 123456789,
        "username": "CranePooleSchmidt",
        "country": "D",
        "isCommercial": 1,
        "maySell": true,
        "sellerActivation": 3,
        "riskGroup": 0,
        "lossPercentage": "0 - 2%",
        "reputation": 1,
        "shipsFast": -1,
        "sellCount": 36,
        "soldItems": 96,
        "avgShippingTime": 1,
        "onVacation": false,
        "idDisplayLanguage": 1,
        "name": {
            "firstName": "Denny",
            "lastName": "Crane"
        "homeAddress": {
            "name": "Denny Crane",
            "extra": null,
            "street": "500 Boylston Street",
            "zip": "02116",
            "city": "Boston",
            "country": "D"
        "email": "denny.crane@cranepooleschmidt.com",
        "phoneNumber": "00491234567890",
        "vat": null,
        "legalInformation": "",
        "registerDate": "2011-10-26T09: 20: 12+0200",
        "isActivated": true,
        "moneyDetails": {
            "totalBalance": 24.48,
            "moneyBalance": 24.44,
            "bonusBalance": 0.04,
            "unpaidAmount": 0,
            "providerRechargeAmount": 0
        "bankAccount": {
            "accountOwner": "Denny Crane",
            "iban": "DENNYCRANE",
            "bic": "DCBANK",
            "bankName": "Denny Crane Bank"
        "articlesInShoppingCart": 0,
        "unreadMessages": 0
    "links": [
        "rel": "self",
        "href": "\/account",
        "method": "GET"
        "rel": "vacation",
        "href": "\/account\/vacation",
        "method": "PUT"
        "rel": "language",
        "href": "\/account\/language",
        "method": "PUT"
        "rel": "list_message_threads",
        "href": "\/account\/messages",
        "method": "GET"
        "rel": "redeem_coupon",
        "href": "\/account\/coupon",
        "method": "POST"